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Association of Judicial Unity

Association of Judicial Unity (YBD)
Formation March 27, 2015; 21 months ago (2015-03-27)
  • Cinnah Caddesi Piyade Sokak No 13 ÇANKAYA / ANKARA
4154 Members
Secretary General
Dr. Birol KIRMAZ
Leader İlhan AYAZ-Harun KODALAK-Ayhan AKYÜREK

Association of Judicial Unity (YBD) [jbd̪] is the largest association of judges and public prosecutors in Turkey. YBD’s origins date back to the Platform of the Judicial Unity created in 2014 by judges and prosecutors from all political horizons, philosophical convictions and religious beliefs. Ensuring the same spirit of heterogeneity, YBD has obtained the legal status of association on March 27, 2015.

Founded in 2014 by members of the judiciary concerned about the future of the judicial system in Turkey, the Platform of the Judicial Unity has evolved to become the Association of Judicial Unity on March 27, 2015. The conception bringing the Platform into existence has been maintained during the creation of YBD. The members of YBD undertake to make efforts in order to protect the independence and impartiality of the judiciary and thus preserving the public trust in the judiciary by taking a stance equidistant to all kinds of political opinions, philosophical or religious beliefs and convictions.

YBD’s first General Assembly meeting will be held on September 12, 2015.

According to the Charter, YBD’s objectives and principles can be summarized as follows;

The Rule of Law, which is one of the fundamental values of today’s democracies, will only be possible with a strong judicial power. Such a strong judicial power requires ensuring the independence, impartiality and accountability of the judiciary. In this connection, independence of the judiciary, which is a prerequisite for the rule of law, serves as a guarantee for the right to a fair trial and also as a fundamental guarantee of a democratic society. The notion of independence, which finds its meaning in the Constitution and which is also mentioned in the international instruments, makes it essential that one acts in accordance with the Constitution and the laws and only and solely on his/her personal conviction and that no adherence to any other person, institution or formation is allowed. Independence from the public opinion and non-judicial government institutions must be ensured and maintained. Independence must be secured within the judiciary as well.

The notion of impartiality refers to the necessity that members of the judiciary must, in compliance with the law without any influence during the decision-making processes, adopt an equitable approach to parties. Accordingly, it is incumbent on the State to enable the execution of judicial activities without any inherent fear or distress, and judges and prosecutors have also their share of responsibility in this regard. Another issue of importance as for a democratic rule of law is the accountability and transparency. Independence and impartiality could develop into an identity, which is in conformity with democracy, only through the mechanisms of accountability.

  • Cinnah Caddesi Piyade Sokak No 13 ÇANKAYA / ANKARA


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