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The Armenhoef is a monumental farm on the Oirschotseweg 117 in the North Brabantian town Best in the Netherlands.

The Armenhoef is the oldest, still in use farm of North Western Europe. By archaeological building research in 2009 the timber frame of the barn was determined to date back to 1263. The modern farmhouse itself dates from a much later period and was built in 1640 at the earliest, but probably around 1680. The farm is a monument and was in urgent need of restoration. The government was prepared to provide a contribution to this restoration. Also, the building has been recognized as a monument. This deviates from state policy not to designate buildings dating from the period before 1940 as a national monument.

The name of the farm has to do with the former function. Armenhoef means Poor People Farm. The proceeds of this then-largest farm in Best were used for poor aid. The municipality has recognized the building as a municipal monument because of its cultural, historical, architectural and scenic value. Elements such as the age, the integrity of the farm and the function for poor relief played a role. To the state, the age of the farm and the rare building characteristics, such as the barn overhang above the north facade, was decisive for admission to the qualification procedure as a national monument.



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