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ArchiTeam is a network of promoting architecture and architectural tourism all over the world. The principal aim of ArchiTeam is to gather information and experiences through traveling in order to create an electronic Architectural City Guide.

ArchiTeam is a group of young architects, who have joined together envisaging the promotion and spread of Architecture. ArchiTeam was originally formed in 2008, during a trip, giving the traveling group a new character and identity. ArchiTeam is continuously expanding, now it consists of a large group of architects and architecture students envisioning the advance of Architecture worldwide.


Architecture is life.

Growing a Tree!

Interviews' themes vary and they are all based in architecture, on global affairs and daily life.

List of Themes: on Architecture and Photography, on Architecture and Travel, on Architecture and Art and many other.

List of Persons:

  • ArchiTravel is an online Architectural City Guide with contemporary buildings all over the world. Through this guide the visitor can travel to his favourite buildings all over the world and learn about them. Every building is followed by description, project information such as date of constraction, architect, project category, address and specific coordinates for them who want to visit it. The buildings are also categorized by City, so a traveler can organize his architectural tour in a city through ArchiTravel.
  • ArchiCalendar is a calendar with all the architectural events that take place all over the world.
  • Destinations is an attempt to share travel moments and experiences. People who had no relation to architecture visit the commercial sights of every destination and walking through the city and strolling through some of the most remarkable architectural structures, they acquired a new sense of "beauty" and functionary meaning.
  • The “PointofView” project presents opinions and conflicts about architecture, arts, culture and ideas worldwide and all that through conversations with architects, artists, poets, journalists and critics. Each of them has an individual style, design approach and work method.


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