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Alfredo Bowman

Alfredo Bowman
Born Alfredo Darrington Bowman
(1933-11-26)26 November 1933
Ilanga, Honduras
Died 6 August 2016(2016-08-06) (aged 82)
Barrio Ingles La Cieba, Honduras
Cause of death Pneumonia
Nationality Honduran
Occupation Herbalist, healer, naturalist

Alfredo Darrington Bowman (26 November 1933 – 6 August 2016), better known as Dr. Sebi, was a Honduran vegetarian herbalist, healer, pathologist, biochemist, and naturalist of holistic medicine who was litigated in 1988 in the New York City Supreme Court and faced civil and criminal charges for practicing medicine without a license. Although not a licensed physician, witnesses had testified that their health was improved as a result of USHA's dietary programs; after the prosecution failed to convince the jury that Bowman did in fact make a medical diagnosis, Bowman was later found not guilty in the associated criminal trial. Bowman and the USHA were however successfully sued by the New York attorney general's consumer fraud section, and were prevented from making any therapeutic claims regarding any of their products.

Bowman supposedly based his concepts on an Alkaline diet that would nurture the cells of the body and activate the body's bio-electric conductivity for healing properties, opposed to a diet consisting of acid, blood (meat), starch, and hybrid foods that he claimed causes disease. The supposed benefits of Alkaline diets are generally considered to be pseudoscience, as the body self-regulates pH within very strict limits (Acid–base homeostasis) regardless of food intake.

His core principles are naturopathic and uses his personal experience as his guide for a combination of herbs and natural practices for conditions of the human body.

Bowman was born in Ilanga, Honduras. He started as a herbal healer from learning from his grandmother and then from a Mexican herbalist, who Bowman claims to have healed him of diabetes and obesity using the same principles he would later employ.

Bowman has treated some notable celebrities including Lisa Lopes of the R&B group TLC, Steven Seagal, John Travolta, Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson for his dependency for painkillers.



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