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Alexandria Prophthasia

Alexandria Prophthasia also known as Alexandria in Drangiana was one of the seventy-plus cities founded or renamed by Alexander the Great.
The town was founded by Alexander the Great during an intermediate stop between Herat, the location of another of Alexander's fortresses, and Kandahar. and is mentioned by Strabo, Pliny,Ammianus Marcellinus,Isidore of Charax and Pseudo-PlutarchAlexander the Great, arrived in Drangiana in November 330BC on his way to Kandahar, and found a well-organized province of the Achaemenid empire. Alexander appointed a new satrap, Arsames, and renamed the capital city as Prophthasia, (Anticipation), because Alexander had here discovered a conspiracy against his life, organized by his companion Philotas.

The location of Prophthasia is currently unknown. Orthodox opinion is that Prophthasia was at Farah (also known as Phra) and that the citadel of Farah holds the remains of his fortress. However, taking distances given in Pliny,Eratosthenes and Strabo,Tarn believes Farah is too close to the city of Herat and the city was actually at nearby Zaranj. Others feel it was located at Nād-e 'Alī.



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